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How do I make a Discovery by Wyndham reservation?

Lorna Groves
posted this on June 9, 2011, 11:48

Tips on Making Reservations;

  1. It pays to plan ahead to ensure that you can reserve the specific accommodation you desire.
  2. Reservation locations and dates are reserved on a first-to-book-first-served basis.
  3. When using your Discovery by Wyndham Credits, if the resort and/or apartment of your choice is booked and you cannot create an alternative holiday, ask to be put on a waitlist. If there is a cancellation, you will be notified by phone or email, in order of priority of your listing.
  4. If you see that you will not be able to use the time you have reserved for your holiday, please cancel that reservation as soon as possible so you do not lose your Discovery by Wyndham Credits (refer to the Discovery by Wyndham Programme Guidelines) and allow others to enjoy the space.
  5. If you require a special needs or ground floor apartment for medical reasons, please advise of this when booking. We will try and accommodate your request wherever possible, however this is not guaranteed.
  6. Apartments are assigned at the time of making the reservation using the best fit system. This means, all bookings are ranked in order of preference with special features, such as views given the highest priority. The best fit system also works by assigning the highest priority apartment available for the length of stay, giving preference to the bookings made furthest out. To be fair to all Discovery byWyndham Members our reservation team is unable to accept special requests such as views or specific unit locations unless specified accordingly in the room type.

How to Make a Reservation;

  1. Confirm Your Discovery by Wyndham Credits
    Confirm the amount of Discovery by Wyndham Credits you have available at your disposal by phoning the Reservations Centre or check your Discovery by Wyndham Membership Application.
  2.  Find a Destination
    Use your Discovery by Wyndham program guide (as seen below)  to see what WorldMark South Pacific Club resort you would like to visit. Be sure to check that your selected resort offers appropriate accommodation configurations to suit the size of your party, as room sizes and layouts differ from resort to resort.
  3.  Select Your Travel Dates
    Determine your preferred holiday dates and look at the Credit charts listed in the Windows to Wyndham program guide (as seen below) for the resort you would like to stay at to determine the amount of Discovery by Wyndham Credits you will need for your stay. The Red, White and Blue Seasons listed on the Credit charts denote high, medium and low demand periods at each resort.
  4.  Call the Reservations Centre
    With all the above information at hand, call the friendly and helpful team at the Reservations Centre to book your dream holiday. If your preferred choice of destination, room and date is available, then our expert reservations consultants will provide you with an immediate reservation confirmation. If not, they’ll be able to help you find an equally attractive alternative.

    Reservations Centre on AUS 1300 306 026 or NZ 0800 306 026. Alternatively, you may email:
  5.  Start Packing!
    It’s as easy as that! You’re now on your way to an exciting Discovery by Wyndham holiday! Have a great trip!

Please refer to the Program Guide for a full list of booking guidelines.

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